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ASI DOC Funding Workshop

What is DOC Funding?

The purpose of ASI Dollars for Organizations and Clubs (DOC) grant funding is to support Sac State students in their endeavors to increase the quality of campus life and learning. ASI DOC funding is a grant to clubs and organizations which reimburses clubs and organizations for money spent on events, food, promotion, conferences and much more. DOC funding is a reimbursement grant for money spent on events which occur after you have been awarded.

— Associated Students Inc.


DOC funding gives each Sac State club access for up to $3,000 of free reimbursement money for many different types of expenses (details in the video below).  Every semester, dozens of clubs apply for DOC funding, and many learn just how complicated the process can be.  Several of them have their applications rejected for a variety of reasons.  This can range from legitimate violations of DOC policies to almost trivial technicalities.  This article was created to help all Sac State clubs succeed in navigating the system.

The DOC Funding Workshop

Every semester, ASI presents a DOC funding workshop at the Sac State Diversity Leadership Conference (once in January and once in August).  The workshop outlines the core process – as well as finer nuances – of how to successfully apply for DOC funding.  This is the only time in which ASI comprehensively demonstrates to clubs exactly how to go through the process so as to remove any ambiguity.  Simply put, every single club should attend this workshop, and out of nearly 300 clubs, only about 20 ever see it.  To my knowledge, ASI does not hold any other public workshops on the topic, and it does not release the presentation slides to clubs.

ASI does an excellent job and puts forth a commendable effort year-round in helping clubs succeed in acquiring grant money.  I feel that this workshop video only adds to and compliments that

We do not represent Sacramento State or ASI, and we do not own any information that is in the video.

I posted this video, because I firmly believe that all clubs at Sacramento State should have access to this information.

**All information in this video is subject to change, so please contact the ASI VP of Finance at for the most current details.**

The video skips at 20:5041:32, and 45:49. These are gaps are only 2-3 seconds long.


Official ASI DOC Funding Page

Download video here


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