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Atheism and the Case Against Christ

Our very own Professor McCormick has a new book out titled “Atheism and the Case Against Christ”.
Atheism and the Case Against Christ

The endorsements found on the publisher’s web site are really quite extraordinary:


“In my judgment, McCormick’s book is one of the best—if not the best—critique of the core of Christianity ever written.”
—Michael Martin, philosopher of religion, Boston University, and editor of The Cambridge Companion to Atheism


“Finally, a first-rate philosopher weighs in and utterly demolishes any hope reasonable people have for believing Jesus was resurrected from the grave. . . . No other book presents a better case. Nothing more needs to be said.”
—John W. Loftus, author of Why I Became an Atheist


Buy it here:


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The New Semester is Upon Us!

Come see our table in the quad all this week!  We’ll be discussing upcoming events and signing up new members.

Our official meeting time has yet to be determined, but check back for updates.

~ Dan

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